Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Style Sightings: Volume 3

Gwen: in a pile of leaves in Dacula, GA
Little G looks delighted to be sporting our hanging leaves while helping out with the autumn raking. We're happy, too, Gwen.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Making Headlines

Brevity is not really my thing. Those who know me (or at least know my writing) must bear with my habit of making short stories long and long stories longer. I get hung up on details and go off on tangents and feel it's necessary to preface most statements with a little context. I have a particularly hard time keeping it concise when it comes to DamestarBaby.

We need a tag line, people. Whenever I try to write anything about our company or our clothes I always end up with a ridiculously long string of adjectives:
"unique, inspired, original, natural, hip, bold, edgy, stylish"

Then there's all the hyphenated ones:
"eco-friendly, conscientiously-made, rock-and-roll, stay-at-home mom-powered, hand-stitched"

We put so much into these little garments that I just can't let them go without a worthy introduction. But alas, the average consumer has a pretty short attention span and even less desire to have to put up with my vocabulary. So, six or eight words at most. "Clothes as original as your child" was good, but it's a little cookie-cutter. We need to convey a little attitude. Something a little subversive. Like "DamestarBaby: all the other kids will be jealous" or "DamestarBaby: because babies should wear more black."
Help me out.
Maybe we should have some sort of giveaway tagline competition.