Tuesday, April 15, 2008

o, brother

Here they are, the images I was trying to evoke last blog. Amy decided to leave out the picture of the sweat drop that flew from Scott Avett's face onto her eager hand.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This Little Piggy Stayed Home.

Close your eyes. Picture two of the most beautiful men you can imagine. They're singing, they're smiling, they've got it. They play guitars, maybe drums. And they play, I mean, they're good. They have style: good hats, a little scruff, weathered boots, jeans. They look similar, but different enough that each carries his own mystery, maybe brothers. Yes, definitely brothers.

Okay, open your eyes

oh, wait, no. Those aren't brothers. We see them all the time.

This is more what I was picturing.

It's hard to imagine anything more perfect, right? (maybe it's just us.) Well, Amy got a dose of the real thing last night in Chico. Real live Avett Brothers. Yummmmm.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Heavy Knitters

It was almost like my birthday last Friday when we got our first order for a Cabbage Rose Cap from a stranger. Not only a stranger, a Canadian!

The whole time I was knitting it up I was thinking, "we made this hat up out of thin air and alpaca, I created the pattern for it, and finally someone saw fit to pay $45 to touch it and put it on their daughter." Well, something like that anyway.

It's a feeling that Amy must be pretty used to by now, since she has designed everything else.

Well, I was also thinking about another little knitter who contributes much inspiration to our designs:
she learned a while ago by watching a YouTube video. And she's awesome at it. She sits with Amy and watches Planet Earth or whatever and knits while mama hand-stitches guitars and spades. So it won't be long before we can add her to the payroll! That's what kids are for! (I joke, I joke.)