Friday, August 31, 2007

Check Us Out in Small Magazine!

Our favorite online magazine, Small, has just published its Fall issue and they've chosen to include yours truly!! Go to and check it. Subscribe, actually. These women have great taste in kidwear. Look hard, we're on page 38;)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

in the studio, in the curve

It's not actually a studio, per se, more like an art area, but Amy's got her nose to the grindstone of painting new designs and sketching out our new website. Occasionally, well, ok, several times a day, she removes her nose from the grindstone to watch this. Nothing like the Avetts to get those creative juices flowing.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Attitude of Gratitude

It takes a village to raise a DamestarBaby, and muchas gracias(es) are in order.
To Kari, for being our first customer(we'd never forget) and for the use of your apple orchard. To Tegan, for taking brilliant photos and for endless votes of confidence. To Wendy and Melissa, for lending us two spectacular models, and for shamelessly advertising our products around town. To Jessica, for all your pro bono work and advice. To Tien, for guiding our early steps and for being an example of success. To Jon, for sweetly pretending to be asleep when it's 2 a.m. and the mouse clicking still hasn't stopped. To Dave, for unwavering faith in the biz. And most importantly, to Scarlett and Mazlyn, our true inspiration and the Damestarriest of Babies.

DamestarBaby: A Brief History

Allow me to set the scene...

Amy, Pisces, redhead, artist, well-established in small town, working as a manager in a local market.
Jaime, Aquarius, hair not red, fresh out of college, biology degree but no prospects, enters market looking for a job.

After the obligatory catty staredown (think MJ's Beat It video), Amy hands Jaime an application. Jaime is hired and the two women, now co-workers, are forced to do a lot of chit-chatting. After a few weeks of this intricate dance they realize it is fun, this co-working thing. Their hours together begin to include leisure activities: beers after work (it is hot where they live), theme parties, rocking and rolling and what not, one thing leads to another, they attend each other's weddings, have babies and become stay-at-home moms.
There is a short era of stay-at-home mom novelty: afternoon cocktails in the backyard while the two little lovelies play in the kiddie pool, dressing them up and watching them traipse around in our old sequinned dance recital costumes (so glad mom hung on to those!), you get the picture.
It was the dressing up part that got us.
With the exception of a couple much-worn pieces, we were hard-pressed to find clothes that would reflect both their coolness and our taste. Plus there was always that frustration when we did find something cute and then the tag says it was made in some tiny island country and visions of terrible working conditions danced in our heads. And, o, the lack of stylish organic options.
You can see the idea forming.
Before long, the two mamas realize that their talents (Amy's art and Jaime's ability to BS) could be rescued from stay-at-home mom oblivion and be put to better use to perhaps alleviate this shortage of conscientious children's vogue.
Et Voila!
Here you have it.