Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the sound and the fury

still working on the DamestarBaby theme music.

a clean, well-lighted place

it's too bad you can't really see the books in her current collection, which include A Clockwork Orange, and Tantric Quest. We might have to start monitoring a little closer, though, she'll probably be reading by the end of Summer.

Monday, June 9, 2008


I was up last night sewing guitars after all the kiddies were fast asleep. This is when I usually work the best. No interruptions, just me and the iron and the scissors and the sewing machine and the pins. I suppose I didn't realize how dangerous all these can be to an over-tired mom at 2:30 in the morning.

Until I sunk a pin through my thumbnail. Through the nail, under it, about half an inch. It didn't really hurt that bad at first, and I kept on ironing. Then my vision started to tunnel, ears ringing, skin tingling, and I decided to take some Tylenol and call it a night.

It's all worth it, though, when you wake up in the morning to see this.

There are 184,867 sellers on Etsy. They found us. And they said Mazzy's cute.

All that for a little pinprick? I'll take it.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Buildings and Apples and Clouds, Oh My!

Drawing boards and sewing machines are two very different things, but we try to spend time at both.

Maybe someday we'll be to the point where we can release our new seasonal designs before the season's in full swing. But for now, we'll just sneak them in when we can.
If you live near us, you'll be able to see them in person, perhaps even buy a couple at Farmer's Market. We'll let you know when. Otherwise, check the shop.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Art and the Artist

Our girls are at an age now where their artistic ability is really starting to swell into blossom. Scarlett has always been the more focused of the two, and would rather color or paint than do just about anything else. She's the cerebral type, and most of the things she creates are planned and premeditated. Not long ago she was working on a redwood forest in her room. She'd paint some trees, cut some out of construction paper, devote some time every day to add to it. When it was done to her satisfaction, after something like three weeks, she picked a new project. All kids do this, but usually more sporatically, leaving things unfinished and forgetting about them. Not this one.

There's this one hard-bound sketchbook she has. Not her notebook, that's for practicing letters. Not a coloring book, not her checkbook or her ticketbook. Not her tablet, which is for doodling or whatever she feels like. This one is for her paintings. Her serious paintings.

If I sound like I'm amazed, it's because I am. But mostly because my own child is such the opposite. She makes art, she paints and colors and sculpts clay and all that but what Mazlyn makes is much more, oh, what's the euphemism here... ethereal. She excels more at performance art. Bouquets of flowers, marker tattoos, songwriting, little installations in public places, air instrument solos, monologues. She's good at all of this and practices all the time, but if it takes longer than five minutes or requires many instructions, you've lost her.

So we've decided to do a trade, Amy and I. She'll give Mazzy art lessons, and we'll give Skiki piano lessons. If it all goes according to plan, we'll wind up with a little more deliberation and they'll get used to hearing scales and arpeggios. Over and over, with intense focus.