Tuesday, July 6, 2010

High Times

This past weekend found the JLF high up in the California mountains at High Sierra Music Festival. Four days of music, sun, trees, dirt, skin and smiles all around. I was far too busy merrymaking to take pictures, which is probably best for all parties involved.

**this photo here was taken by 1yen at flickr.com**
My words, as well as any still picture I could have snapped, fall short of describing the scene at High Sierra: the energy, the constant movement, the colors, the feeling. Since it only comes but once a year, everyone's more than happy to let it all hang out, which I suppose is why I hesitate to take photos. You know, "What happens at High Sierra stays at High Sierra."
Here's a little video tour of the most memorable moments from this year's freakiness. Again, nowhere near the same as being there, but at least not as hot.

These parades happen daily, providing the recommended daily dose of booty-shaking.
My favorite night of the Festival was the one my husband and I spent watching this band, Dr. Dog, tear it apart until 4 in the morning. I am now obsessed.

The Carolina Chocolate Drops, blending hip hop and old time like it's that easy.

The ever-present hoopers and spinners decorate the festival in circles.

And last but not least, my favorite pair of brothers performed this same version of my favorite song they sing. I think they might have even been wearing the same clothes. Mmmmm.

I relish the yearly opportunity to revive the freak in me, but it's also lovely to come home to a peaceful, clean, shaded space.
Until next year.