Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Heavy Knitters

It was almost like my birthday last Friday when we got our first order for a Cabbage Rose Cap from a stranger. Not only a stranger, a Canadian!

The whole time I was knitting it up I was thinking, "we made this hat up out of thin air and alpaca, I created the pattern for it, and finally someone saw fit to pay $45 to touch it and put it on their daughter." Well, something like that anyway.

It's a feeling that Amy must be pretty used to by now, since she has designed everything else.

Well, I was also thinking about another little knitter who contributes much inspiration to our designs:
she learned a while ago by watching a YouTube video. And she's awesome at it. She sits with Amy and watches Planet Earth or whatever and knits while mama hand-stitches guitars and spades. So it won't be long before we can add her to the payroll! That's what kids are for! (I joke, I joke.)

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