Saturday, November 3, 2007

DamestarBaby Legs!!

It's a slippery slope, this children's clothing design thing. You start with printed shirts, then you start sewing shirts, and sewing more shirts, and pretty soon you start to feel bad for the other parts of the kid body. What about the legs and the heads? Don't they deserve DamestarBaby, too?
Yes, yes they do. And how.
Well, the sewing machines have been humming away, and we've finally come up with a garment worthy of our name.

Drum roll please....

We proudly introduce our Ticking Stripe Pants! (Thank you, Scarlett, you can sit down now.)

Like everything we make, they're built to last. And they coordinate with all of our shirts, as shown. Best of all, they're available now in our Etsy shop!

Stay tuned for the hats!!

1 comment:

soulyluna said...

wow!! nice glowing effects!! love the hearts ;)