Friday, July 18, 2008

We Heart Etsy!

And they heart us! We're the Featured Seller for this beautiful July weekend. We got to blather on about our clothes and our families and our inspirations and our creative process and our favorite bands and books and our hopes and dreams. I mean, we've always had those grand visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads, but this is the first time one actually danced into our lives and interviewed us!

Read the interview!!

When you're done with that, check out our freshly pimped website!!!!!

Muchos gracias and besos galore to Dan Seward for making us look cool.

Well, zip-pa-dee-do-da, it's such a good day. Please pardon us while we resume shrieking and jumping up and down.


...and that we have a new website?!

Go, Baby, Go!


Nora said...

Congratulations! How exciting for you ladies! It is always fun for me to see stay at home Moms as the featured seller. You ladies have a beautiful and lively shop! Enjoy your time in the spotlight! I enjoyed your blog as well. I can see why you were chosen!

soulyluna said...

hip hip

soulyluna said...


Sage and Daisy said...

Congratulations on being the featured seller! Your shop is wonderful, as is your blog.

LASdesigns said...

Love your shop!
the spade pants are great... ok so is everything else.

Where are you located??
I'm in seattle and I KNOW I've seen that Beetle shirt around. But where???

Juli said...

I just saw that, congratulations !

Mrs. Jones said...

we're located in Calistoga, California, The Hot Springs of the West.

It's definitely possible that you've seen one of our Beetles out and about in Seattle. We have little friends all over.

stripeymonkey :) said...

congratulations! great shop and blog - off to check out new website now! :)

Wendy said...

Congratulations! That's actually how I found you (from the featured seller page on Etsy). Which is weird because my cousin just left a comment on my blog about you guys that I hadn't yet checked out.

Guess I was destined to find you, one way or another.

I love that the two of you make up the left and right brained sides of your business. I've just convinced my sister to become my business partner because she is much more logical than I am. And I could use the balance.

Also, Amy, your 10 year plan sounds almost exactly like mine, except I was thinking the Italian countryside, not French. Maybe we could visit each other. :)

I'm adding you to my reading list so I can keep track of your adventures.

Good luck and thanks for the inspiration!

SpiralStone said...

Congratulations! As a homeschooling, spiritual midwifery loving, stay at home mum, I really enjoyed reading your featured seller interview :)
My daughter absolutely loves her bending branch shirt and everyone comments on how gorgeous it is everytime she wears it. I read the interview to her and she loved hearing all about the women who made it for her.