Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Words of Love

will win us every time. One of our satisfied customers dropped us a line the other day, and it's just too sweet not to share:

My brother gave my son both of these shirts as a gift, and we LOVE them. They bring lots of compliments, and my son ADORES pointing at his belly/chest to show off the designs. He is 13 months and has the cute little toddler pot the designs definitely get showcased on him. Thanks for making our day to day lives in San Antonio, Texas more exciting with your designs!

ps. the bug tank top is our go-to shirt when he refuses to cooperate with getting dressed in the crazy, busy morning.

I'm not a religious gal, but can I get an "Amen!"

I mean, as much as we market to moms and benevolent uncles (because babies don't usually write the checks), we're really trying to make clothes kids love to wear. They want it to go on easy and look cool. To them. They want to dress up and rock out, but they want to be comfortable. We've got you covered, kids. Now go grab mommy's wallet...

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Jennifer said...

It's awesome to get wonderful feedback! Nice blog, shop, and new fun! Your feature was top notch, don't let it go :-)