Monday, September 22, 2008

The Results Are In...

and none of our picks got picked. :(
No Etsy shopping spree for these gals. All those wishes will have to be relegated to some other special event, or some other magical influx of cash.

But we pride ourselves on our unique tastes and anti-mainstream style, so here we present our winners of the Etsy Handmade Kids Challenge.

Drum roll please...

In the Accessories category, 1st place (naturally) goes to the Cabbage Rose Cap. A close second goes to fairytalefibers for their little Adventure Hood.
Not only because the picture is awesome, but because this is like seven accessories in one. Click the cutie to check it out.

On to Furniture:

I chose, because it has that antiquey-type rag-tag beauty that I fall for every time, this childs chair by The Pink Chicken Trading Co.: Although if I were to buy one myself, I think I'd choose the rocking version. Perfect for the porch.

In the Eco-Friendly category, after our Jewel Beetle, which is quite possibly as eco-friendly as a shirt can be, I'd have voted for these shoes by frostingcouture which are now on sale!!

In Art, we'd have to be true to our school, as it were, and vote for Amy's fellow 1st grader, berkleyillustration's portraiture, which is witty and whimsical and worthy of at least $8.
Since I love me some themes, my pick for clothing comes very close to beating our own Hand-Stitched Guitar Tank, but even at second, it's probably my favorite article of children's clothing of all time, HarmonyWear's Lux Tux Dress.
Maybe someday I'll be able to execute half of those techniques with my sewing machine, but until then, hats off!!

In Toys, I liked the Nightmare Snatcher Journal

partly because it reminds me of the Muppet Show, and partly because it has the potential to save the day, er night, if you needed it.

In Home Decor, the only thing that moved me was inklore's description of the 1-2-3 growth chart.
I remember thinking the day I voted that it's shameful that I haven't marked my kids' height on anything since Mazzy was three and Eden has been standing, so this struck me as particularly useful.

Well, there they are. The real winners in my book. To see who really won, lucky bastards, click here.

And thank you to all 707 of you Etsians who voted for us. We love you, too.

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