Sunday, October 5, 2008


Friday night we got the first real rain of the season. Scarlett wanted to "soak it up like a tree" and I felt the same way so we went out for a late night horse ride. I know it looks like a pink bike but I assure you, its a horse named Sid.

Saturday A very special little boy we know turned the big 4. We went to his birthday up on the mountain. It was filled with friends, dogs, caramel apples, cake, cider, chili, baked potatoes, dirt, puddles, laughter and squealing.

The birthday boy trying out his new boots

Saturday evening I had the pleasure of babysitting Huck. Scarlett taught him about drumming on bowls. They really got into it. They managed to break two wooden spoons. We went on a late night family walk to get the baby to sleep. There's nothing I love more than strapping a baby on me and walking it to sleep. Thanks Kari for loaning me yours for the evening.

Sunday...well to be honest I sat around all day reading because thats good reading material to me. The whole family was L A Z Y. But that is what Sunday is all about.


Mrs. Jones said...

I love Stella and Seth in the nursing circle.

mama pratt said...

'soak it up like a tree'...this explains just how i've been feeling...thanks for the words, scarlett.

Mrs. Jones said...

and if that isn't a cry for a good book, I don't know what is.