Friday, November 21, 2008

Big Small Deal

The Winter '08 issue of Small Magazine is out, and guess which warm fuzzy winter hat is in its pages!
That's right, one of our very own Cabbage Rose Caps got shipped all the way to New York, slapped on a little girl named Audrey and circulated to all Small subscribers! You should be one, too. It's free.

The magazine, I mean, not the hats. The hats are available in white and blue in our shop. They come in two sizes, small fits little kids from 1 to 3, large fits big girls ages 4 to about 6 or 7. (though you could put a big hat on a small kid and it still looks pretty damn cute.)

They're super yummy soft and warm for the winter, with spiral roses on each ear. Our customers rave about them, and once you see your kid in one, you'll know why.

1 comment:

soulyluna said...

cute. though i still prefer the proper sized hat on the proper sized kid. and why add extra flair?? the hat comes equipped with two built-in cabbage rose flowers adorably placed over the ears. Hence the name of the most functional art piece. Oh, and how much more appropriately placed can the the roses be? When form and function meet, perfection is born. Other than that, I have very little opinion about it.