Friday, December 5, 2008

Catching Up

Much has happened since we last posted. Including Thanksgiving; a day which was much too full of food, friends and family to fit any blogging in.

Then, of course, we got right back to business and hauled our wagon full of wares to Bazaar Bizarre. You didn't think we were going to skip that, did you? Now that we've decompressed, I'll tell you about it.

We rose before daylight and made our way through ridiculous morning fog and wound up in San Francisco with enough time for some pre-show coffee from a corner cafe. Mmmmm. We got lots of funny looks from pedestrians and the toll booth ($6!!) lady because of the large craggy tree on top of our car. The whole day had a sort of country-bumpkins-in-the-big-city feel to it, (which is a label I wear with pride, thank you very much) especially since this was our craft show debut.
Well, we hit the scene (a more-or-less empty warehouse) and found our spot (#18, baby!).

We snapped a couple "before" shots.We unpacked and un-treed the car and our booth turned out looking awesome, if I do say so myself. The day went by in a flurry of DJ beats, people watching, receipt writing, question answering, refolding and rehanging and lots of compliments on our flagship photo.

Oh, and we sold quite a few things, too.

It was great to get out and take the same DIY approach to selling our goods as we do in making them.

As for the big branch, any feelings of guilt I had about cutting it off of its mother tree gave way to secret pride sitting there next to it all day. After all, we plucked it out of obscurity and brought it on a pretty exciting adventure. It was totally worth the work and made for a one-of-a-kind display in a sea of tables and racks. And this is surely not the last you'll see of it, as it's taken on a new Christmasy incarnation at Amy's house. More on that later.

Thanks for indulging us in a little hiatus. Stay tuned for some Holiday Crafting Chronicles!

Oh, and there are lots of craft shows going on all over. I highly suggest checking one out if you have the ways and means. It's a great way to spend a Sunday.


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can i get invite next time! looks great james, rock out.