Sunday, December 14, 2008


Call me super lame, if you like, but I'm not ashamed to admit how excited I am about knitting.

That's right, knitting.

I've found myself with enough time on my hands to get to a few wooly projects that have been shelved for a while and it makes me happy like I can't even explain. Like when you rub a dog's belly and they shake their leg because it feels so good... that's me with my needles in hand.
I just finished a prototype pair of fingerless ball-length gloves for Mazzy, and now I'm onto this hat, which is a refreshing change from this hat. After that and some quick Christmas caps (more, more, MORE!!) I'm hoping to create a new original something-or-other to add to the DamestarBaby collection.
Until then, I'll be blissfully floating on a sea of center-pull yarn balls, and Daddy can do diapers and dinner.


mary jane said...

shout it out girl! you like to knit!

i'm not ashamed to admit my favorite movie of all time is the Sound of Music. i've seen it so many times i know all the songs by heart (which came in handy when i went to the sing along Sound of Music)


soulyluna said...

speaking of, how much for the yarn? i want to secure my place in line ;)

mama pratt said...

the hat is so so freaking cute. maybe even more so in the tiny size. can't wait 'till the big one gets a go on the needles (okay, okay i can wait my turn but barely!).