Monday, January 5, 2009

Better Late?

I know this is so last year, but I have to share some holiday snippets.

Here are Mazzy and Eden about to embark on their first attempt at ice skating. Note the worried look on E's face and her death grip on Mazzy's hand. She didn't let go the whole time.

And here we are warming up after that.

Here they are with their "Swedish Fish Snowman" on a play day in the snow. (It was Eden's turn to wear the hat.)

Here we are warming up after that.

This is the world as it looked to us when we woke up on Christmas morning. It was still, silent and glittering white as far as the eye could see.
We were inside for most of that day drinking hot cocoa and playing reindeer games.

Another year gone, a new one rolling out before us.

Happy New Year!

(now, back to work;)

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Beth said...

gorgeous photos! Love the one of your house all covered in snow!

I am hosting a children's Valentine sawp if your interested :O)