Friday, February 27, 2009

The Afterglow

I have reclaimed my life and my house from the constant dollhouse construction of the last two months. The auction is over.
Our pet project and all the dolls went to a lovely lady with a 17-month old future co-op attendee for $1300. Not too shabby!
As for the rest of the night, we raised just over $150,000 for the school. No shab there, either.

However, in classic 'me' form, I never took a photo of the house once it was finished. My excuse this time is that I was so eager to get it out of the house and we were so last minute in getting it on site that there was no time for photo ops. But there was, I'm just forgetful like that. I'm sure there's some subconcious I-don't-want-to-be-reminded-of-how-hard-we-worked-on-something-that-was-so-awesome-that-we-ended-up-giving-away type of explanation, too. It's that bittersweet letting go that we all must get used to, right?

I did manage to get pictures of all my dolls, though. Redemption!

So, in order of their making (not that they necessarily got better toward the end):

That's one lucky 17-month old!

I think next year we'll let someone else have a turn.

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soulyluna said...

awwww, bummer we can't see the finished product. AGAIN! grrrr arrrggg!!!

So, now that you've both embarked on your respective epic doll journies, might there be an appearance of DamestarBabies in the shop??