Monday, March 23, 2009

A Little Brush with Fame

My daughter's preschool is right next to Rubicon Estate. It's just one of the hundreds of wineries that stretch up and down the Napa Valley, but this one is owned by Francis Ford Coppola.

So it was unexpected, but also sort of reasonable, when I met Sofia one day dropping off her little daughter Romy to spend a day in Mazzy's class.
As an owner of a children's clothing business trying to make it's humble way, I couldn't let her just go without some booty. I had to act fast though, they're only in school for three hours, so I wrapped up a Cabbage Rose Cap that I had on hand in her size and delivered it to her when she came to pick Romy up.
She said, "Oh, cute! Did you knit this?" And when she handed it to Romy she said "Look Romy, she made this hat for you." Which is not entirely true, but close enough.
Coming to the point, we got a little reassuring proof that our wear is celebrity-grade when the two were spotted strolling in New York donning our hat.
Not exactly our big break, but enough to make my day.

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mary jane said...

whoa... soooo great!
you need to use that for your press book, or in the listing!!!!
so great~ glad you had the "cajones" to give her something! i think i would have chickened out....
mary jane