Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

If good fortune finds you in St. Helena tomorrow morning, you'll find us at the Farmer's Market.
Yes, the season is upon us. The one time of year when we have to get ourselves dressed and out of the house before sunrise to go to work. (Work!) We look forward to these early mornings of unpacking and displaying our clothes while the other vendors put out their fruits, vegetables and flowers. It's just us two, no kids (ahhhh). So we get to relax and people watch and chat with each other and all the familiar faces that pop into our little tent.
Here are a couple of new things you'll see if you're there:The Traveling Dress! A sweet little A-line halter with an attached side-tie scarf. For now, these will only be available at the Market. But if you'd really like to see them available in our Etsy shop, then comment away. We've been known to accomodate friendly requests.

The Chakra Tank is the newest item in our shop. We'll have these at the Market, too, in both black and natural (which is organic!).

This is just a teaser, there'll be a few other little things we've whipped up that you'll just have to come see in person. So be there or be square!


lesliecooper said...

I LOVE the dress! I wish I knew someone that size! Maybe if you put it in the etsy shop I will get one anyway... for a future little one... Have fun at the market!


amy rubin flett said...

what a wonderful dress! ust found your blog through soulemama and think it's wonderful. thanks for sharing your life with us.