Monday, June 15, 2009

guess what?

...chicken butt! Make that NINE chicken butts, now happily pecking and scratching and laying eggs in my backyard. They've been with us for almost 24 hours now, and we're all having a hard time leaving them alone.
Some of us like to get real close, and others must enjoy our new friends from a safe distance.
I can already see how they'll enrich our lives with valuable lessons in respect, responsibility and hand washing. They'll certainly enrich our soil, and we mustn't forget the real reason we got them in the first place:

I may the only one in the house who's excited about eating these super fresh (like, still warm fresh) eggs, but hey, more for me!


Sarah said...

Yea! Chickens! We love our chickens and their eggs. They look quite a bit like yours.


soulyluna said...

warm fresh eggs, straight from a chicken butt!!! YUM!

mama pratt said...

mmmm, we will gladly take some off your hands if you have too many. ;)