Monday, June 1, 2009

Shoot the Moon!

Amy and I were talking the other day -- you know, business meeting -- about how the last Space mission was barely mentioned on the news. It's so blasé, Space. So there's some guys out there cruising around fixing stuff, big deal. No one pays much attention unless something goes wrong or something explodes.

So, you want explosions? Check this out!

QUEST on KQED Public Media.

I turned up the radio this morning after Mazzy said, "Mom! They said Centaur!" and heard this story.

At the NASA Ames Research Center (NorCal baby!) they're building this SUV-sized bullet (nicknamed Centaur) that they're going to shoot at the moon. They hope to find water under the surface, and they're hoping for the resulting huge plume of moondust to be visible from Earth. If you're as dorkily interested as I am, you can visit the official website, where among other things there's a song written about the mission available for download (seriously!).

Now that's what I call newsworthy.

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