Friday, October 30, 2009


If I could listen in on my five-year-old's thoughts these days, it's likely I would hear a constant stream of words broken down into letter sounds and slow phonetics as she obsesses about reading and spelling. At least that's what I see coming out: words, words, words.

Here, I'll show you.Here's yesterday's grocery list. As you can clearly read (no?) we need coffee, cream, mushrooms, peas, meat, broccoli, potatoes, apples, turkey and onions. And unlike boring adult grocery lists, this one comes with a little scene from the store.
From her perspective, we see little Eden fussing for something. "Please Maz," she says. Mazzy says "No Eden," and reaches down to pick her up while mama, pushing the cart, is saying "Stop fighting Eden."

Am I the only one whose heart is melting?!

I am loving this phase of her learning. I love the fact that she's taken on her mama's preoccupation with spelling and pronunciation. I'm reminded of those days when she was learning to talk and I was the expert translator for anyone who couldn't understand her early language. Only now it's the written word. And it's everywhere.
My house is littered with words, names, lists. Written the way she hears them, the way she thinks them, the way she says them. She even writes little love letters.

I V U too, Mazzy.


Nic B. said...

Tear-rush to the nose! My favorite part is your belly buttons...

soulyluna said...


Amy said...

Love it!
Now, what do you do with all those little peices of paper that will forever remind you of the time when she wrote like that? Be sure to save some, because in no time they will change to grown up words. Oh why oh why must they grow up?