Monday, February 1, 2010

10,957 Days

It feels like I've arrived, now that I'm thirty. I've been living and breathing a good long time. I've had, as my daughter would say, 10,957 sleeps. I feel like I have a newly acquired right to claim that I'm officially mature. For me, that particular sense of legitimacy has been a long row to hoe. At the same time, it doesn't seem possible that I've been with my husband for eleven years and that my youngest (and final) child is now three. Jeez, I'm not that old!

My daughter would also tell you that the best part of any birthday is the party, and this year my friends threw me a good one. A "Gender-Bender Star Search" one, to be more specific. Confused? I was too. But boys dressed as girls and girls as boys and everyone was supposed to be an 80's TV character. We had Punky Brewster and Alex P. Keaton, Cliff Clavin and Rainbow Brite. I'll limit the photos (trust me, your mental image is better) to this one: my personal favorite ensemble of the night, The Smurfs.

(Plus a Ninja Turtle thrown in for good measure.)

AND there was a Talent Show. This part was my idea. Partly because we have to compensate for a staggering lack of nightlife out here in the country, but mostly because it feels good to watch your friends put on a show for you. It does. And my friends happen to be quite talented, if I do say so myself.

There was a clear standout in this category, too. A runaway winner, really. And without further ado...

Thankfully, it must take a lot longer than thirty years before you really grow up.


Amy said...

It seems like just yesterday when we first met. We were such young little things. Since then we've gotten married and had children and gained a lot of life wisdom. I'm greatful I've had you by my side for the journey and greatful that I've been a part of your journey. You've changed so much right before my very eyes and grown into a woman to truly be proud of. Happy Birthday!! I look forward to growing into old ladies with you. I love and admire you so much.

Mrs. Jones said...