Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beauty in the Gap

When I first became pregnant with Tallulah I got a lot of comments about having another baby seven years after the first one. Some were positive but the majority seemed to focus on the negatives, like "they won't be close to each other because they'll be into different things" - "you'll have one in high school and one in first grade" - " the baby will just get into her stuff and annoy her" - " when the first one finally leaves the nest, you will still have an 11 year old" blah, blah, blah. Personally, I think with enough effort put forth any family situation can work. Where all members feel close and connected.
So to all the skeptics out there (none of you guys of course) here are just a few bonuses of having a large gap in ages.

The girls don't seem to mind a bit, and I love it so much I may just wait seven more years until the next one.


Lisa Ensor said...

These photos are so sweet. I have a 2-year old boy and I don't feel rushed at all in having another one soon. I kind of want to wait. It's great seeing someone do their own thing with confidence! I'm encouraged, thank you!

Mrs. Jones said...

No one could ever say that you don't think things through. Plus, kids like yours are AT LEAST seven years in the making!

Soulyluna said...


Mama Magpie said...

How ridiculous. My girls are 6 years apart and they couldn't adore each other more. I love that my older daughter can entertain the baby while I'm doing something else, loves to see her sister in her hand-me-downs, and is learning - in such an immediate way - how to mother a child. Seriously, it's a lovely age spread.