Friday, March 12, 2010

Dreaming up Dresses

If ever there was a time to be inspired to make some new dress designs, it is now. The muse is upon me and is coming from all different directions. What, with all the high fashion of the Oscars, which is really just as much about the dresses as it is about the films. And the winner (declared so by my Academy of One) is...

Diane Kruger.

*photo property of*

Next, there's the release of Alice in Wonderland, which I loved and can barely stop thinking about since we saw it four days ago. Amidst her fantastic Wonderland surroundings, our heroine is featured in at least four fantastic frocks. Here's one, but you must see the movie yourself to view this Academy's choice for Best Dress in this category. It's actually a tie between two: one which is whipped up by the Mad Hatter in seconds and the other demanded to be made for Alice by the Red Queen. See it. See it.

Bonus Trivia (and, um, Dork Alert!): Did you know that the Mad Hatter's frazzled orange hair and fallow skin is the result of overexposure to mercury in the hat-making process?

Sorry, I can't help myself.

Finally, lately the girls and I just can't get enough of Project Runway. It's really the only reason I've ever wanted TV, but that's why God made Netflix. We've been rushing the mailbox like fiends, and we're only on Season 5. (perhaps another Dork Alert?) The show has inspired all of us: I've been trying my hand at pattern-making; Eden's walk has taken on a certain dramatic sway of the hips; and Mazzy's been doing her own designing.

I know, right?!

Stay tuned here and watch our shop as Spring nears to see what's come of all this drawing and dreaming.


Amy said...

Did god make Netflix?

Mrs. Jones said...

right after chocolate.

Soulyluna said...

Make Mazzy's Patterns! I want that jumpsuit!