Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Little Reflection

Yesterday marked three months that Tallulah has been with us. Since we are always looking for an excuse to make a cake, we decided to have a little celebration. We sat down with a big piece of cake and a game of Scrabble to reflect on all the things we've learned the past three months.
Tallulah has learned to smile, put her hand in her mouth, grab things, splash in the water, that night time is for sleeping and that with one little grunt she can summons one of three adoring big people to scoop her up and shower her with kisses.

Scarlett has learned to share her parents, to walk on the hardwood floors in cowgirl boots very quietly, to change diapers, that there is nothing better than smooching big fat baby cheeks and that babies do not like it when you pick their nose.
I have learned the balance of giving to two children and a husband, but still keeping some for myself, how to eat standing up and breastfeeding at the same time, to surrender to the chaos instead of resisting it, and that what gives me the most satisfaction and fills my soul and makes me want to burst with love is my family.
In the past three months our family has grown so much closer, we've all banded together to make the necessary adjustments that a new baby requires. We've become a strong unit. All because of this little girl. She has filled all of our hearts more than we thought possible.
Happy 3 month Birthday little one! Thank you for choosing us to be your family.


Mrs. Jones said...

I bet I can guess who played the words "Ergo" and "Blog"

Soulyluna said...

okay, so this week almost everything has made me cry. just when i think i'm finally getting to the end of it, you post this!?

I love your reflections and the strong connection you have with your family. And I love to see Amy's beautiful writing continue to unfold so gracefully. Big Love from soulyluna.