Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scarlett's Blog

Hi my name is Scarlett and I am seven.Last night I cooked dinner.My mom told me how to cook it.Icooked greanbeans.And I cooked pasta. I diced tamatose.I found a holapaneo in the greanbeans.While we were eating dinner we played my favoret game.UNO.I love that game.My Daddy won two games and Mommy also won two games.I only won one game. I love to cook!It makes me feel importent.I like contribute to the family espesely when people like the food that you cooked!Sometimes I cook
whith yarn in my bedroom !I folow a cookbook called BILLS OPEN KITCHEN!
I have a baby sister!I love her she lahfs!


Soulyluna said...

Dear Scarlett,

I really enjoyed this chance to read some of your writing. From your description, I almost felt like I was there with your family at dinner time and I can feel the joy and love you have for your new baby sister. Well done!

Your fan,

Mara said...

This is so Sweet! I love it ;-)

Mrs. Jones said...

You ARE important, Scarlett! And we would love to try one of your yarn recipes!!

Love Mazzy and Eden

Barbara said...

Dear Scarlett,
Nana loves your cooking and loves seeing your writing and drawing. What a tallented girl you are. You are loved lots!
Your greatest fan!
Nana and Grandpa Bernie