Thursday, September 2, 2010

Planets and Horses and Babies, Oh My!!

We're back from Summer break with some new goods in the shop.
(Oh, did we not tell you we were taking a break? Our bad.)

First, the horse shirt Scarlett's been asking for since she was three has finally come to life. It's a good thing we spent all that time thinking about it, because it came out just right.

Next, we tip our hats to third graders everywhere with our own model of the Solar System. Only ours isn't made out of styrofoam and wire hangers.

And last but not least, Tallulah makes her official Etsy debut today. She'll be popping up more and more now that she sits and stands (!), putting the baby back in DamestarBaby.

Baby Chakras

Going back to school in style!

1 comment:

soulyluna said...

love. especially the horse. makes me wanna bring back the unicorn!