Monday, September 10, 2007

like mama, like daughter.

It's sort of a major part of my job description to be an enthusiast of whatever Amy produces with her paintbrush. She's particularly skillful with watercolors, but I have seen her create amazing things with crayons, chalk, oils, fabric and feathers. And, boy, can she throw together an outfit.
Well, not to be outdone is Scarlett, bless her little Sagittarian heart. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree," is how the saying goes, and the proof is palpable in Scarlett's art. Armed with her mother's natural ability and her father's focus, she's conjured up some masterpieces of her own. Here are some of the most recent, complete with titles:


crayon, age 4

Come on, could the ears and the triangle nose be any more perfect?


crayon, age 4

Notice the appropriately colored hair and eyes.

Mama and Baby Whales

crayon, age 4

They're spraying water out of their spouts. Precious.

Girl Playing Violin

more crayon, age 4

Amy actually posed for this one, so she could get the placement of the arms right.

Mama on her Wedding Day

pencil this time, age 4

Check out the shading, man, I can't even do that. I love the twirly skirt.

The best, however, I have saved for last. It's in watercolor, which is not an easy medium to work with. Clearly she's been watching mama closely.

Dancing Girl

watercolor, age 4

The magnum opus. Look at the colors! The shoes! The hair!

Excuse the braggy mom-ness of this post, but this degree of genius just begs to be flaunted.


Nicole said...

I need "Dancing Girl" on a shirt. Truly great.

soulyluna said...

wow! does she sell prints??