Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the word on the street

is...(what else?) DamestarBaby! Some kids get all the luck: playdates at the park, story time at the library, elaborate forts in the backyard, effortlessly stylish bed-hair, and our shirts on their backs. Congratulations to all you small wonders who've been on the receiving end of our threads. And well done to all the moms & generous gift-givers with an eye for true original style.
We humbly offer this here blog as a forum on which to display your DamestarBabies. They can be anywhere, doing anything: a true testament to the versatility of our products. Plus, it's hard not to grab the camera when they look this cute, so snap away! And if you don't mind a little showing off (we don't either), just send your pictures our way, our e-mail link is on the right. We'll post 'em. It'll be like a who's who of child fashion. Okay, I'll go first.

Mazlyn: on a woodpile in Angwin, CA

Eden: at home in Calistoga, CA

Jasper: on the street in Calistoga, CA

Jack: at a park in New York

I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing kids wear our designs. (sigh)

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