Thursday, August 21, 2008

Growing Pleasure

Since we finally feel like a real business, we've decided to expand our cooperative from a duet to a trio.

I'm not sure how we've managed to make it this far with only four hands working, but we'd like to do more, which requires more hands. One can only sew so fast, after all, and even less fast when there are kids and dogs and rabbits and parks and books and meals to attend to.

Sooo, without further ado, we welcome Kari on board the DamestarBaby train. Her name may not rhyme with ours, but it's a seamless fit otherwise. A new male baby model, six hands a-sewing, three heads together (FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!), it all adds up to more amazing clothes for more amazing kids and new amazing designs to watch for.

This train is bound for glory.


soulyluna said...


soulyluna said...

does this mean another photo shoot is in order?

Mrs. Jones said...

apparently, because my life may be at stake for posting an impromptu shot.

Matt said...

When I grow up I want to be a seamstress like my grandma Borghild.
I love that Tegan's comment is at 1:28 am.

mama pratt said...

could damestarbaby possibly get any better? i didn't think so, but you proved me wrong! love and congrats to all!

soulyluna said...

oh yeah. oops. what the *$#@ was i doing reading about the damestars at 1:28am?
maybe i was on the other side of the world that night!