Monday, August 25, 2008


Kid's clothes may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a Farmer's Market. We weren't too sure at first, either. It turns out, however, that we and the St. Helena Farmer's Market have grown quite fond of each other.
For us, it's a peaceful morning sans kids, and a regular source of encouragement. For them, it's a splash of funk and colorful style to cute up the kids who come by. Oh, and we make out pretty well, too.
Plus, there are the occasional brushes with greatness, our Valley being the hot spot that it is. So far, we've been visited by Nancy Pelosi (whose grandson is now the proud owner of a Partly Cloudy Tee), Michael Chiarello, Kate Spade, and most recently, the stunningly casual Natalie Portman. The latter saw our booth from across the way, walked over with her Yorkie and crew, and said, "Oh, this is, like, beyond."

So, if you find yourselves in St. Helena on a Friday morning, come on by. We'll start your weekend off right.


PamperingBeki said...

I love the clothesline! Adorable.

Briana said...

ok...I had to write. Trevor (age..."a-most 3") made his big purchase today at Farmer's...the owl T. He often admires it on other kids...and i think was secretly coveting Mr. Dann's. So today, after our big purchase he carried it around all day. Didn't want to wear it, "cause it might get my other old favorite shirt."
Too cute. Hopefully tomorrow we'll move beyond carrying to actually wearing. Thanks for making our wee ones such awesome duds ladies!
Have a fantastic weekend!