Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rock the Vote

I, like many of you, can't wait until November, when I get to go to my little polling place and vote for Obama. Ushering in four glorious years of not hearing George Jr. offend us all with his horrible ideas and poor grasp of the English language.

But here's a little something to scratch that voting itch in the meantime.

Etsy's holding a little contest,

and DamestarBaby has made it to the finals in three categories!

Click the links to vote for us, and when you do, you'll be entered to win a $350 Etsy shopping spree.

Hopefully we'll all win!

Our Jewel Beetle is in the Eco-Friendly category: Click Here to Vote!

The Cabbage Rose Cap is in Accessories: Click Here to Vote!

The Hand-Stitched Guitar Tank rocks in the Clothing category: Click Here to Vote!

And don't forget to vote in November, too.


soulyluna said...

done, done and done.

Briana said...

you got my vote sister!