Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spectator Sewing

We're back in full throttle sewing mode in preparation for some upcoming shows
(well, I am anyway. Amy never stopped.) I usually save work for after kid hours, but there are only so many hours in the night. So the challenge is now to find space to squeeze it in during the day, and as the kids grow and change, so must our methods.

Lately, Eden's taken to sitting with me at the machine, which I love. Mazzy only likes to sit with me when I'm knitting, so she colors or sings me songs on the piano. Sounds easy. Now fast forward 10 minutes and Mazzy's concocting something in the kitchen involving pickles and wheat germ. Like, alot of wheat germ. And Eden just broke the "don't touch the buttons" rule and we went from straight stitching to some sort of criss-cross seaming stitch.
Well, there goes that.
So I finally give in to the old tried-and-true way to get at least 10 more minutes out of them.

PINS!!! They're not just for grown-ups anymore!

What?! How bad could they really hurt themselves? They love it. Who am I to deprive them? I mean, I make them stay on the couch during pin time and they've both come up with some pretty cool pin art.

So, there's today's answer to the "How do they do it?" question.

Tomorrow's a whole new day.

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