Thursday, July 23, 2009

Adventures in Relaxation

In the doldrums of Winter, we imagine this place. While the rain and cold confines us to our homes, we begin to count the days until we can sleep outside on dry ground under the clear starry sky with our friends and some very tall trees all around us. We long for it. We do it every year, but only in this one season, and it never seems to come soon enough. Then we arrive, 12 big people 8 little people, and we're always freshly amazed at how beautiful the forest is and how clean the air feels and how much stuff we all need to get through a weekend of camping. Then we relax. The kind of blank agenda relaxation that only comes when you're far away from telephones and computers and TV. If you want music, you have to make it yourself.
We only motivate for the sake of a little adventure. For these six-and-unders, a bumpy ride down a gravel road to the river is a fantastic voyage indeed.We spend our quality timeand they spend theirs.We talk around the campfire and tell stories by lantern light.

We soak up the sunshine and the fuzzy warmth of so much togetherness.
Hopefully it's enough to last until next time. But, ah, the Summer is young, and there are plenty more adventures in relaxation to come.


dariasquirrel said...

sounds and looks incredible! where is the beach you were on? i'd love to take a road trip there from portland!

HDMac said...

I am sure it wasn't planned but the various colors in all the pics is marvelous! Great pics!

Mrs. Jones said...

We were at Goat Rock, on Sonoma Coast State Beach. That would make it about a 490 mile road trip.