Thursday, August 6, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

I know it's Thursday and I'm four days late on reporting on our weekend, but it was like a confusing piece of art that you have to stand back and perhaps walk away from to fully appreciate.

We hosted ourselves a little family reunion. I only say little because the family reunions of my childhood involved at least 100 people I was directly related to and supposed to recognize. Here, we wound up with 32 both directly and not-so-directly related, but for our first venture in organizing such a gathering, that was plenty.

My husband's brother and his family flew out from Ohio, so we invited the rest. Just about every living member from his mom and dad's families came. So I invited mine just for good measure.Mazzy paraded with her cousins.
We got to meet our newest niece, beautiful little Abigail.Stella was on her very best behavior.

These two, not so much.We had tons of yummy food and good beer on tap, late nights by the campfire with three generations of family and all the jovial laughter this family is known for.

Then they all dispersed and we were left with more Costco snacks than we know what to do with (5 lbs. of Frosted Flakes? Sure!) and leftovers for days (steak and potato salad, again?!) and a few new stains on the carpet. All signs of good times, and well worth it.


soulyluna said...

Aces!! Once again, I am awed by the JLF

Sabrina said...

Ah yes, the days of pulled pork, corn and all the what nots of family reunions, oh what has happened to the Smith Reunions... I sure miss them. I truly looked forward to them. I recently found a photo of us when we were 4 ish showing our pretty unders in a photo.

Mrs. Jones said...

I think the torch has been passed and if any more reunions are going to happen, we have to plan them. Which means, I think, that we're all grown up?!