Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to School

School started for us the other day and it couldn't be more pleasant. It's nice to change up the routine and Scarlett is more than eager to be learning new things. We are going to be doing things a little differently this year. For the most part she'll still be homeschooling with me but for two days a week she will be going to a friends house, who just happens to be one of the best teachers I know and is homeschooling her own child this year. This is a perfect solution for us since I struggle with finding a balance between all the regular mama duties, running a small business and homeschooling. Sometimes I feel that it's impossible for me to do it all......and stay sane. Especially with a new baby coming. Oh wait, have I mentioned that we will be joined by a new little one this winter?

We are very excited about the changes taking place in our household. I feel that now I can more fully enjoy every minute I spend with Scarlett and also every minute I spend alone. It's the best of both worlds.


Maggie said...

Yay! a new little one on the way. Congratulations!

Tricia Orchard said...

Congratulations on a new little one. How exciting.

BTW, I love the name Scarlett.


Mrs. Jones said...

waaahooooooo! The cat comes out of the bag.

Nicole said...

I love, love your second photo : ) homeschooling has been an incredible way of life for our family, I enjoyed hearing and seeing your journey!