Thursday, September 3, 2009

School Spirit

Mazzy started school last week and it's caused a gentle shake-up of the JLF routine. I say "gentle" only because so far most of the changes have been positive.

For example, our typical morning routine of getting dressed, eating breakfast and brushing teeth now actually takes place in the morning rather than sometime in the afternoon, if at all. Mazzy's relationship with her sister seems to have benefitted dramatically from a little daily separation. There's more talking and far less screaming between them (or among the three of us), and the increased calm has laid the way for a lot more sweetness.

It's perfect timing, really. As the Summer heat gives way to the breezy coolness of Fall, the tempers inside shift from boiling hot to pleasantly warm. Sigh.

The change I was looking most forward to, though, was spending some quality "alone together time" with my youngest.

She's loving her new ability to make decisions and execute plans without interference. I'm loving her enthusiasm for following on my heels as I mill around the house. ("Yeah!! Let's make the bed!") We treat ourselves to some time at the downtown bakery at least once a week because I've found a new novelty in walking through town at a two-year-old's pace.

As for the school, I'm satisfied with our choice. It meets or exceeds all the criteria my husband and I put into place: it's public, it's small, we love the teachers, there's a strong emphasis on music and art, and when I wave goodbye to Maz every morning, it feels right.

Plus, though it's only been a week, they haven't squelched her love of reading just yet.

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Becca said...

Good for you guys. It sounds like all your transitions are going swimmingly.